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Parenting Using an Interdependence Approach

Miriam Galindo

An Irvine, California, psychologist, Dr. Miriam Galindo undertakes child custody evaluations and provides play and art therapy services focused on young children. Dr. Miriam Galindo has a strong interest in child psychology and regularly guides families through the court process.

World of Psychology, a Psych Central blog, recently explored the interdependence approach to parenting, which seeks to strike a balance between lenient and strict parenting approaches. While such an approach encourages age-appropriate independence, it also assumes that the parent functions as a safety net in cases where specific skills have not yet been developed.

The balance struck is recommended by some child developmental psychologists as a way of reinforcing emotional attachment with the caregiver who allows individual exploration. At the same time, the child feels secure that help is available at a healthy distance, should the need arise. One key challenge for adults in implementing this approach is being self-aware of their own upbringing and identifying deeply ingrained habits that they must work to overcome.

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