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Five Tips to Help You Prepare for a Child Custody Evaluation

Miriam Galindo

Psychologist and licensed clinical social worker Dr. Miriam Galindo operates a private practice in Irvine, California. For a large part of her career, Dr. Miriam Galindo has performed evaluations for child custody cases.

Child custody evaluations are stressful for any parent, and a parent’s nervousness can affect his or her behavior during the assessment. Here are five tips to help parents prepare for a child custody evaluation:
1. Make a positive impression by cooperating with the evaluator even though you may not agree with having to be evaluated.
2. Think of a child custody evaluation as if it were a job interview. Be on time, be truthful, be confident, and dress accordingly.
3. Demonstrate that you are organized by preparing your case documents ahead of time.
4. Show that your child’s best interests are your highest priority.
5. Keep in mind that regardless of the outcome of your custody evaluation, the decision is for the good of your child.

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